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“Long Pork” is Mandy Partridge’s first novel, and adventure following the Free West Papua movement.

About Mandy

Mandy Partridge lives in Brisbane, Australia where she writes fiction, nonfiction and scripts.

Long Pork

Behind the bamboo curtain

Liza works as a doctor at the Freeport goldmine in Papua, FIFO from Cairns, Australia.

On a helicopter flight, cyclonic winds crash the chopper into the highlands of the Lorentz National Park. Liza and four miners are the only survivors. They are rescued by Swando and his Asmat men, but kept prisoner in their cave. Papuan Freedom Fighters visit the cave, and Liza sympathises with their cause.

After rescue, Liza swears to help the Papuans with her medical skills. But Arthur and the men want to help them by running guns for gold. The Freedom Fighters, the Asmat villagers and their expat friends go up against an imperialist army, and do whatever they can in a desperate fight.


Brisbane, AUS


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